Two series of 10 x 24 mins

Nought to Five played on TVNZ 2007 and 2008 and played twice a day – 9.30 and 2.30pm. It also played in overseas markets like Korea, Middle East, Netherlands, Russia and USA.

A factual child development series, the aim was to arm parents with appropriate child developmental information and expectations, and then give them the ‘how’ with a myriad of strategies.

In consecutive order from pregnancy and birth through to starting school at 5 years old, each episode focussed on the ‘everyday’ stuff of the age/ stage, and the key things children needed for them to flourish, based on the SKIP Principles, as part of a partnership with Ministry of Social Development, to bring these ideas to life.

In each episode two sets of parents welcomed a skilled family counsellor into their home, who would help them understand the ‘why’ of common challenges of the age – be it tantrums, toilet training, not sleeping or eating well, co-operating, or sharing. With 90% of calls to parent help lines being the result of parents having unrealistic expectations of their children, for the particular stage they are at, the series offered developmentally appropriate advice to make family life harmonious, while keeping everyone's dignity intact when facing challenges.

The series also explored the all-important link between physical movement, brain development and learning. It showcased simple activities to help master particular fundamental motor skills that develop different areas of the brain in readiness for formal learning.