About jude

Jude is a sixties baby, making her mid-life! The youngest of four, and the only girl, she was brought up in South Auckland, attended Epsom Girls’ Grammar and then went on to Manukau Technical Institute to train as a Registered New Zealand Comprehensive Nurse. (RNZcpN). She is currently working part time towards a post graduate degree in public health, as this is an area of passion she has concentrated on in a media sense, and now wants to delve into the academic side of it.

She has always had a love of research into the ‘why’, the ‘what’ that means in real life terms and then finding ‘how’ to use that knowledge in a meaningful, practical way. Fundamentally though she has a love of helping people and finding solutions – borne in part from her nursing training.

With a love of maternity nursing post grad, she originally set her sights on training as a midwife, before starting a career in pharmaceutical industry. She was offered the ‘Sale of the Century’ job in 1988, and has being ‘side-tracked’ into the media industry from the medical one ever since.

She has been actively involved in all the school communities her children have been in. This involvement varies from being on the Board of Trustees, writing and producing video content to use in their leadership programmes, and mentoring students to make video content for fundraisers, to organising and producing fundraising events for them, or conducting interviews with prominent community members to archive.

Married to Graeme and with three children, now all young adults, she is a family girl at heart. With the third Weimaraner dog in tow, she is a dog (and cat) lover too. A Francophile, she loves to travel - with France an obvious favourite, but any destination is worth a look!

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Canine fur child

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Feline fur child