JUDE, THE writer

Jude end to end produces commercial and editorial content - for which writing and editing is the backbone skill. She has also written for various publications and platforms over the years.

Her current passion is telling the stories of New Zealanders in World War One, through the NZ Herald. Firstly discovering her own grandfather’s journey (see below re: Passchendaele) and later the wider story of The Western Front. Published in November 2018 ‘The Liberation of Le Quesnoy’, is a documentary series with accompanying written articles that she researched, wrote and produced. It compromises six different stories relating to this northern French town and their Kiwi liberators. The first written article and episode is about the battle itself (seen here as the first story in a ‘linked up’ version of the doco series). The second discusses the future NZ Museum in Le Quesnoy; the third is about 2nd Lieutenant Leslie Averill; the fourth about Sergeant Reginald Hird; the fifth looks at the challenging role of war chaplains with Rev Clive Mortimer Jones; and the last at a school that honours their fallen, including two men who died in this battle.

Going back in time, for a few years in the 1990s she had her own column called “Dear Jude” in the New Zealand Women’s Weekly. She answered reader’s letters on whatever their personal issues might be - their love life, their family, their career, whatever was on their mind. She used a mixture of solid research and her own experience and knowledge, and delivered it with a touch of humour if appropriate to lighten the message. It’s a job that’s been revived in 2019 with a new name “Hey Jude”, which appears every week in the NZWW. The issues are the same…but different!

Jude also had another weekly column in The Aucklander (part of The Herald) called “Family Matters”. For six years every week from 2006 to 2011 (when The Aucklander finished), she wrote on whatever inspired, annoyed or amused her. Often based round issues of the day, and/or reflections on a busy family life with three children, columns were a mix of amusing, solemn, thought provoking and anything in between.

She has also enjoyed researching and writing material for MC’ing, hosting, debating, and doing speeches over the years for many and varied organisations.  

Video content she has produced has also needs writing when creating the story and finding the intent of the message needing to be expressed.  Associated written text also needs to have a similar tone, manner and intent.

Taking an idea and expressing it in a written form so it feels understandable and relatable to the reader is something Jude enjoys doing. This discipline is the same be it for report and proposal writing, pulling together background research, or writing for publication.

With her love of travel, she can regularly be found in print about her travels and experiences. You'll find some examples here from France, another from Sardinia here and Dubai here, with more to come! She has travelled to France on more than one occasion driven by her interest in New Zealanders on The Western Front, researching and writing about the men who never came back from Passchendaele as well as those who survived the hellish existence, like her grandfather.

She also blogged regularly in the past for Family Health Diary on family and health and anything in between. She blogs for the Raising Children website and has overseen the writing of parenting tips in even briefer form in the way of push notifications for the associated app. She has also run an academic writing contract centered around child health and development content, producing a series of scientific literature reviews from medical writers.

Jude is currently working part time towards a Postgraduate Certificate of Public Health, so is doing some academic writing as well. Another sort of writing altogether!

Château de Chambord, Loire Valley, France. France is a fav place to write about…

Château de Chambord, Loire Valley, France. France is a fav place to write about…