Jude, The Producer

After pitching her first show to TVNZ in early 2002, having it commissioned, and setting up a production company to make it, Jude the producer was ‘official’.

For all productions Jude has also sourced all funding, and been responsible for taking the initial ‘what if’ notion from a good idea to reality, supervising the myriad of things that need to happen along the way.

The producer hat has often been interchanged with interviewer, presenter, narrator, researcher, writer, production manager, edit suite assistant, digitiser, writer, contract negotiator and translator of legalese.   

Her core driver has often been social enterprise focussed, and as such Jude made it a goal to work with Government and NGOs to get their messages to families through audio visual means. Jude set up a second company Raising Children Media Ltd in 2010 to specifically take on these challenges. www.raisingchildren.org.nz holds that content, which she is the producer of.  Homegrown remains in place as a vehicle for her other work, which includes writing, commercial communication, social media work and broadcast video production.

Jude is a collaborator – much more can be done as a group than as one. Collaboration is key, along with communication. That might be with stakeholders, or on camera talent – be it celebrities, academic experts, or everyday families.

Jude has felt incredibly humbled to be able to produce content about New Zealanders in World War One, through the NZ Herald. Published in November 2018 ‘The Liberation of Le Quesnoy’, is a documentary series compromises of six different stories relating to this northern French town and their Kiwi liberators. The first episode is about the battle itself (seen here as the first story in a ‘linked up’ version of the doco series). The second discusses the future NZ Museum in Le Quesnoy; the third is about 2nd Lieutenant Leslie Averill; the fourth about Sergeant Reginald Hird; the fifth looks at the challenging role of war chaplains with Rev Clive Mortimer Jones; and the last at a school that honours their fallen, including two men who died in this battle.

And finally, any producer needs a passion. For Jude it is to craft a good story, do it knowledgeably and get it to the audience who need to know about it. It has also ideally change behaviour. Content that moves you to ‘do’ or ‘be’ or ‘feel’ something in your own life - from what you’ve learned through watching someone else’s. That remains the goal. 

Jude Dobson with Therese Neveu, Le Quesnoy resident_185930 please credit Malcolm Sines.jpg

Jude with Mademoiselle Therese Neveu, after her interview describing her family’s experience of the WW1 German occupation of Le Quesnoy, France.